Abstract for: Scriptapedia: A Digital Commons for Documenting and Sharing Group Model Building Scripts

Modelers facilitating group model building (GMB) sessions often draw on a set of sophisticated pieces of small group processes called “scripts” (Andersen & Richardson, 1997; Vennix, 1996). Andersen and Richardson (1997) have proposed that documenting the scripts that modelers use will help advance the field and practice of GMB by making the process more transparent and replicable. However, no common format or central library yet exists whereby scripts can be shared. This project responds to this need by proposing Scriptapedia, an open source Joomla based digital commons for documenting and sharing GMB scripts. Key features of Scriptapedia will include the ability to search for scripts, revise or develop new scripts, track the history and authorship of how scripts change, and review samples of a GMB agenda of scripts. This poster presents a prototype of Scriptapedia including examples of scripts, agendas, and draft policies for encouraging the documentation and sharing of scripts.