Abstract for: Dynamics of Business Models - Long-ranging Impact Assessment of Business Models in the Capital Goods Industry

In recent years, new business models are becoming increasingly more important for manufacturers in the capital goods industry. However, manufacturers of plants still hesitate to offer these customer-oriented solutions, due to existing uncertainties resulting from economic risks. The offer of innovative business models requires a stronger integration of the supplier into the life cycle of a plant and hence into the production phase of the customer, leading to the consequence that manufacturers have to restructure their previous activities extensively. Due to the financial risk connected herewith, decision models are required, which identify and assess the impacts resulting from the implementation of these innovative business models. Aspects like time delay, due to the reorganisation of the service department or the set up of adequat human resources have to be considered. Therefore, the aim of this contribution is to develop a system dynamics model for the analysis of long-ranging consequences due to the implementation of an exemplary business model.