Abstract for: Investigating through ISI Papers Published in Iran and Their Qualities Using Dynamic Approach

Promotion of faculty members in Iranian universities is mainly dependent on published ISI papers. Faculty members as the most important part of production of science, have strong motivation for making and publishing this kind of papers. In the other hand, produced science should satisfy scientific needs of industry and lead to both industrial and economic growth. But publishing this kind of papers and industrial growth have not the same aims and most of published papers have least relevance to industrial needs and so they are worthless. Because of the easier and faster procedure of producing these papers, there is a great tendency to publish this kind of papers, whereas there will not be enough tendency to publish the papers that can directly (or indirectly) affect industrial growth process. In this paper the effective parameters in producing some main kinds of ISI papers and influences of them in improvement of industrial situation of the country will be investigated, and afterwards continuance of this trend will be discussed. At the end, some policies are suggested to improve the quality of the papers and their benefits for industrial purposes.