Abstract for: Environmental Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting

Environmental SIG was established in 2002 as a Special Interest Group of the System Dynamics Society. The Group is interested in systems of any scale that involve human activities and their natural environment. We are interested in investigating the structure and behavior of both natural and human induced environmental dynamics in systems perspective. Our fields of interest comprise systemic policy problems in the fields of resource management and pollution control, human agency and behavioral change in sustainable development, ecology and the environment. Particularly, climatic change, energy transition, global sustainability, renewable resources management, water policy, food security and urban dynamics have been the prime focus of concern. The methods used by the members include the system dynamics method and other dynamic modeling and simulation approaches, simulation gaming and experimentation in decision analysis, and mediated, collaborative approaches to model building and analysis particularly in environmental conflicts resolution. The Environmental SIG welcomes everyone who likes to join their efforts in simulation modeling and analysis of dynamic, concurrent environmental and ecological problems. In the roundtable, the members will first settle the technical SIG issues such as groupís representation and communication. After that, the research priorities, prominent methodological challenges and cross fertilization with other modeling and socio economic analysis methods will be discussed.