Abstract for: Understanding the implication of investing in biodiesel production in South Africa: a system dynamics approach

This paper presents a Bioenergy Systems Sustainability Assessment and Management (BIOSSAM) model. BIOSSAM model was developed as an assessment tool to provide insights on the implications of developing biofuel production programs in South Africa, which is critical for sustainable energy development. As a case study, BIOSSAM model was applied to simulate biodiesel production proposals in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Development of biodiesel production in the Eastern Cape is associated with the promotion of socio-economic development such as job-creation, which in turn influences the economic growth of the Province. Biodiesel production development is influenced by a number of factors such as producer/supplier profitability, which is influenced by several factors such as: land availability to supply raw materials, feedstock prices, government regulations/incentives. To explore the extent of achieving the socio-economic goals from biodiesel production development, BIOSSAM model provides a framework for understanding the causal-loop/feedback structure and dynamics of this emerging industry.