Abstract for: Dynamics Model of Housing Market Surveillance System for Taichung City

In August 2007, the US subprime mortgage crisis led to a crippling global financial crisis, creating immense monetary and asset losses for the world’s economy and financial organizations. Forming a financial crunch and bank credit shrinkage. It halted all economic developments in the world, so how did Taiwan prevent its housing bubble from bursting? The purpose of this study was using the techniques of system engineering, fuzzy delphi, system dynamics to formulate the dynamics model of housing market surveillance system for Taichung City. The model was simulated with different scenario of sensitive variables to understand the prospective development of housing market in Taichung. The research findings showed that a joined strategy of gradual price index movements, high interest rates for loans and lower unemployment rate can effectively strengthen urban housing market risk control, reinforce effective resource utilization and ultimately stimulate overall urban housing market development.