Abstract for: Japan Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

Japan chapter was founded in 1990 by researchers working on SD modeling since 1960ís and has been active since then, hosting the Tokyo SD conference in 1995. Currently the chapter has 137 members, an increase of 10 members since 2009. The chapter has published 8 volumes of its journal; each volume accepts about 6-10 referee-judged papers. The next volume is planned for June 2010. As a special international event this year, the convention of the COP 10 (Conference of the Parties) on Biological Diversity was held in Nagoya, April 15-20. The chapter took its opportunity to promote the SD method to its participants by specifically displaying posters of 14 SD environment-related models that were built by chapter members at the site near the conference. The site has attracted media reporters as well as general public. The annual meeting was held on April 24 at Gakushuin University, Tokyo; new executive members were elected. Its nation-wide annual research seminar was held in Kyoto at Doshisha University on Nov. 21, 2009. Besides these two annual meetings, the chapter has two SIGs; Business Process Modeling (Tokyo) and Dynamic System Modeling (Nagoya); they have been actively holding their seminars quite often. Please feel free to contact us to get involved in our activities in case you plan to be in Japan in the near future.