Abstract for: System Dynamics Problem Definition as an Evolutionary Process Using Ambiguity Concept

Problem definition, as system dynamicists believe, is the most important phase of the system dynamics modeling process. However, its literature is not rich enough so as to match its importance. In this paper, by reviewing the literature, we introduce the idea that the problem definition itself has an iterative and evolutionary nature. Here, we propose an approach to develop and enrich problem definition based on continuous and conscious effort to elicit the hidden ambiguities of the dynamic hypothesis and transform these ambiguities into questions whose answers would precise the definition of the problem and improve the dynamic hypothesis. We show how this approach on one hand can help us build models much more suited to dynamic real world problem and on the other hand help us much more effectively use models to understand and solve these problems. Finally, we propose some guidelines for revealing the ambiguities as basis to the problem definition and dynamic hypothesis in an iterative process.