Abstract for: What is learned in system dynamics education: a competency-based representation based upon Bloom’s taxonomy

System dynamics is progressively taught in different levels of education systems. There are challenges as for integrating it into the curricula of different professions and at the same time striving to grow it into a profession on its own. This paper starts recognizing that no representation of what is learned in system dynamics has been published in a way compatible with mainstream curricular tools. Specifically the need to integrate system dynamics into a competency-based curriculum has lead to a search in the field. We have opted for “Bloom’s taxonomy” as a widely shared reference frame and thus have expressed cognitive resources and development indicators in Bloom’s terms. The result is now a valuable resource for incorporating elements of system dynamics across different courses of undergraduate programmes in our university. Even so, the result has to be critically revised, for there are several open questions concerning the development stages of the learning process and the best form of representing them in order to facilitate the design and development of learning and assessment activities.