Abstract for: The importance of keeping engineers and knowledge workers inside on organisations’ performances

Most business organisations attach great importance on intellectual property and knowledge today, because the property and knowledge are considered as source of competitiveness. In order to protect them, businesses have tried to control the source of intellectual property and knowledge, to say engineers and knowledge workers. This has been working well to enable the businesses to be competitive especially in manufacturing companies and IT companies in early days. The environment around businesses especially in information communication technology and service industries is now changed. Since needs of customers, government regulations and market environments are changing rapidly, knowledge and skills of engineers and knowledge workers need to be quickly updated. Falling behind competitors can lead to withdraw from the market. Nevertheless, businesses seem to continue their protective control on their personnel in old style. This can eventually cause not only lowering workers’ condition but also aggravated result of businesses because of obsoleteness of knowledge and loss of competitiveness. In order to examine this possibility, this paper shows simulation model based on existing research concerning employment and knowledge management. The result of simulation suggests overprotective policy would reduce businesses’ competitiveness and protecting knowledge workers’ job choice supports their companies’ development.