Abstract for: Regional System Dynamics Conference - A Way to promote the Application of SD in Developing Countries

Institute of development study, Tongji University, is a center for system dynamics research in China. From year 2005, it has organized the “Conference on Systems Science, Management Science and System Dynamics” (SS-MS-SD) every other year. Till 2009, three SS-MS-SD conferences have been held, which have offered great opportunities for SD researchers from China and the rest of the world to discuss their researches and share their ideas. In this poster, we provide information about the system dynamics researchers participated in these three conferences, together with a summary of their research focuses. Such information can serve as a channel through which we can observe how system dynamics is developing in China. One necessity to have regional SD conference is the fact that not all SD researchers can participate in the ISDC, especially for developing countries. A trip to the US or Europe is not affordable to many researchers, Ph.D. students, and others in these areas. Regional conference is much less expensive. The SS-MS-SD conference has received great participation and the researchers advocate having it annually. In this poster, we share our experiences and ideas on how to make regional SD conference more effective and successful.