Abstract for: United Kingdom Chapter Annual Meeting and Poster Presentation

The UK Chapter have regular meetings in the UK and annually at the international conference. (See www. systemdynamics.org.uk) In February we held the 2010 Annual Gathering. The theme was ‘Environmental Challenges’, the Copenhagen summit having been held only two months previously. We had three speakers: Nick Mabey (E3G), Professor David Fisk (Imperial College) and Dennis Sherwood (Silver Bullet Company). Over 50 delegates attended and the general opinion was very favourable. Networking and a buffet dinner followed. The following morning Kim Warren hosted a play of the Copenhagen Climate Change exercise and John Morecroft then took us through an analysis of a fisheries problem. We also held our 3rd PhD Colloquium. Congratulations to Sangeeta Sardiwal who won the UK Chapter Student prize for her work on health and social care and to Tommy Ngai who was judged the best student presenter and collected the Wiley-Blackwell book token prize. Our evening networking events have continued: two in 2009. If you are based in the UK and not already on our membership list (membership is free) then please do join us and see what we have to offer. There are between 80 and 100 members active in SD in the UK.