Abstract for: China Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

After the founding of the China Chapter of SDS in 1988, it has been well organized and continuously growing in the past two decades. The poster provides information on the regional SD conferences, current events and membership growth. From year 2005, in cooperation with other organizations, such as Tongji University, the China Chapter has organized the “Conference on Systems Science, Management Science and System Dynamics” (SS-MS-SD) every other year. Starting from 2010, we are planning to hold the SS-MS-SD conference annually. Periodic chapter meetings are held quarterly in Shanghai. The latest meeting was to advocate the 4th regional SD conference and the new round of election of System Dynamics committee of the Systems Engineering Society of China. A strong academic team with people who have Ph.D. degree is now taking shape. Their efforts are advancing the development of SD in China. For example, the training programs of Vensim and SD modeling workshops have been regularly organized. Three textbooks on SD were published last year, as well as some important papers. The China Chapter held its annual business meeting in Seoul. The chapter has 33 members registered in SDS so far, including researchers, educators, consultants, and practitioners in corporate and public sectors. And we are exerting ourselves to attract more members in the future. Contact email: sytemdynamics@vip.163.com Tel: 86-21-65984562.