Abstract for: A System Dynamics Strategic Planning Model for a Municipal Water Supply Scheme

This paper reports the development of a System Dynamics model for the Strategic planning of a municipal water supply scheme. The model is capable of handling the critical variables that impact on the operations of a water supply scheme. The model was developed using the Dynamo programming software to handle the process dynamics. Other supporting software - Fortran, Clipper 5, and Epiglue are used to handle data input, analysis and presentation of results in a user-friendly environment. The model was validated by applying it to the simulation of the University of Ibadan Water Supply Scheme for which extensive data of operations were collected over a period of ten years. The results obtained were found to be realistic and useful for the planning of plant operations. It is concluded that the model developed is sensitive to variable changes and has the capability of answering various operational ‘what-if’ questions. As a strategic planning tool, the present model generates, for different scenarios, important operational information for the management of the water supply scheme. It is concluded that SD model is a useful tool to assist water mangers and policy makers in making decisions and evolving strategic planning for water supply.