Abstract for: Systemic strategy development and implementation using the example of a lead brokerage financial service provider

This paper examines systemic strategy development using the example of a lead brokerage financial service provider. To do so, different elements of several systemic and cybernetic induced theories are combined to a three step approach: 1) system diagnosis to derive redesign actions, 2) identification of critical system variables, 3) creation of a modular software prototype with the help of a control loop model. This approach is induced by action research building on an interactive inquiry process that balances problem solving and actions implemented in a collaborative context. Data-driven collaborative analysis is implemented to better understand underlying causes and to enable future predictions about organisations and processes. The results of the approach application seem promising in two ways: 1) a real benefit for the lead brokerage financial service provider was generated by the operationalisation of its strategies, 2) the approach itself shows potential to be of general applicability to successfully support business processes with IT.