Abstract for: System Dynamics Modeling of Emigration and Brain Drain

Net migration rate of -3.28 migrants/1000 population ranked Iran 145th in the world. Popular discourse about Iranian immigration focuses on the social and political freedoms associated with relocation. In the current research, the focus is on the authority of the educated people, their impacts on the society, their access to the power and the wealth which seems far negligible. The elites of Iran are no longer the educated people. Based on this assumption, a system dynamics approach is presented to study the long term effects of the emigration on Iranian society. Each emigrant develops themselves in the target country and attracts more emigrants. The success and satisfaction in the target country motivates the young generation to move than to change. The emigrants, when their number increases to millions, form a basement to attract more talented ones from the source country. Emigration of elites is more than a move of people; it has important negative effects on the country to produce wealth, to become industrialized, and to produce more talented generations.