Abstract for: Psychology Special Interest Group Poster Presentation, Annual Meeting, and Roundtable

psychological theories. At the Albuquerque meeting of the SIG, a roundtable discussion about Barry Richmond’s system dynamics model of the Zimbardo 'Standford Prison Experiment' was facilitated by Drs. Levine and Lounsbury. During the business-related portion of the meeting, an appeal to new members from various disciplines and backgrounds in the social and behavioral sciences was made. Approximately 40 members currently affiliate with the Psychology SIG. Dr. Levine called for nominations of candidates for the position of SIG Co-Chair. However, no names were presented. Drs. Levine and Lounsbury agreed to continue to serve in this capacity through the 2010 fiscal year. A discussion about future aims of the SIG identified a general interest in writing a series of white papers on system dynamics and psychology research and on identifying funding for collaborative modeling projects in the social and behavioral sciences, including development of new molecules or mini-models of psychological processes to promote deeper understanding of existing psychosocial and behavioral theories and to generate new theories of psychosocial and behavioral dynamics.
Drs. Ralph Levine and David Lounsbury, Co-Chairs, Psychology SIG