Abstract for: Implementing a sustainable CSR Strategy through a System Dynamics Perspective: evidences from a Colombian case-study

During last decades, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies received a growing attention from both businesses and non profit organisations. However, very often organisations fail to correctly implement a successful CSR strategy. Through the analysis of a case-study, this paper tries to demonstrates how a CSR strategy could fail in the long term if a open-loop logic is adopted. On the contrary, by making explicit the feedback loops structure underlying a CSR strategy, the system dynamics approach is likely to better support decision makers in implementing effective CSR strategies able to foster sustainable long term growth. After discussing the main benefits and limits of the CSR concept reported in literature, the case-study is introduced and the method adopted to introduce a CSR strategy is explored. Then, such an approach is reconsidered in a feedback perspective and presented with reference to the case-study investigated. Finally, conclusions and further remarks are outlined.