Abstract for: Creating an Open Innovation Network to Address Key STEM Education and Workforce Issues

Participants will learn about and provide feedback on a unique effort to create an open innovation network around system dynamics models of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Presenters will discuss ongoing activities to establish the STEM Research & Modeling Network (SRMN) a diverse group of researchers, modelers, policy makers, educators, and funders that has begun to coalesce around the use of modeling. The workshop will first offer participants and authors of the various models presented in the previous two workshops an opportunity to discuss how learnings from any one of the models might suggest improvements to any other of the models. At least one-third of the workshop will be devoted to engaging participants in a discussion of the challenges and opportunities related to creating and sustaining the SRMN as it works to improve and make its models more useful to the national policy debate. A critical aspect of this workshop will be a participatory discussion of the configuration management processes that will be implemented as members of the SRMN propose changes to the model. And finally, the participants will learn how they can become involved in the SRMN, and will be asked to suggest strategies for involving more members of the modeling community.