Abstract for: STEM Education and Workforce Challenges: How Can System Dynamics Improve Key Outcomes?

This workshop will engage participants in an exploration of the potential use of system dynamics modeling to improve our understanding of key STEM education and workforce challenges and to explore potential policy solutions that can strengthen student outcomes in STEM disciplines and careers. This workshop will begin with a facilitated discussion among participants regarding the current state of STEM education, future employment needs in STEM occupations, and ways to improve student interest and proficiency in STEM disciplines and careers. A panel of experts in education will then engage participants in a discussion regarding how systems thinking and system dynamics modeling could assist policymakers, leaders from business and industry and educators in examining ways to increase the number of students who are interested and proficient in STEM disciplines and careers. Participants will be asked to identify a range of modeling approaches that might help address key challenges. At least one-third of the workshop will be devoted to audience participation.