Abstract for: A System Dynamics Model of the Mauritian Power Sector

Mauritius, a Small Island Developing State and one of the most successful economies in Africa, has experienced sustained economic growth during the past three decades. Mauritius' power sector has evolved considerably during this period to cater for increases in electricity demand following such growth. The island has continuously invested in additional capacity to meet such increases in demand in the medium term. Approximately 78% of Mauritius' electricity needs are met through imported energy sources, mainly oil and coal. However there are increasing concerns about price volatility and security of supply from such sources. Policymakers are thus committed towards a sustainable energy development plan for the country. In this line, authorities have embarked into elaborating a comprehensive energy policy for Mauritius. Threshold-21 (T21) is a tool that applies system dynamics to aid in policy making in an integrated manner. This paper documents the first iteration in the development of a power sector model for Mauritius based on T21 models. The aim is to provide a description of the Mauritian power landscape and translate the same into a system dynamics model. Future work includes expansion of the model to cover the whole of the Mauritian energy system and to do policy analysis.