Abstract for: Multi-scale Integrated Modelling for Sustainable Adaptive Systems

This paper presents a theoretical expansion of the 3-step modelling approach (Costanza & Ruth, 1998), which proposes an incremental progress from “scoping “models to “research” and “management” models. The trade off for increased detail and resolution in model building is a decrease in transparency. This paper aims to provide a context for Mediated Modelling (which happens at the “scoping” level) and similar system dynamics based participatory modelling approaches, as a missing link toward Adaptive Management. An emphasis is placed on reflective capacity among relevant stakeholders to evaluate the behaviour of systems at various scales and integrated dimensions. A theoretical Multi-Scale Integrated Modelling for Sustainable Adaptive Systems (MIMSAS) framework is discussed as a foundation for three, 6-year research programmes on (1) urban systems, (2) energy systems and (3) watershed and coastal ecosystem services.