Abstract for: Latin America Chapter Annual Meeting and Poster Presentation

The Latinamerican Chapter has the mission to help the SD-community grow in the Spanish speaking countries. Founded in 2003, it has Latinamerican members from Mexico to Chile, from Spain and a growing number of Spanish speakers living in other countries. Since 2003, the annual meeting allows practitioners to gather and newcomers to get in to touch; we have been in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina so far. Since 2005, the Spanish "Revista de Dinámica de Sistemas" publishes two numbers per year. The "sisTEMAS" newsletter and a mail list allow keeping in touch. During October, the 6th Latinamerican Conference took place in Santiago de Chile, organized by University of Talca, Adolfo Ibañez University, Diego Portales University and Andrés Bello University. During the 2008 Annual Meeting we met many Spanish-speaking members living outside the Spanish-speaking countries and the wider group continues to grow. This year's meeting will take place in Santa Marta, Colombia in November 2009 (http://simon.uis.edu.co/eventosds2009/home/). It is an opportunity to talk about sponsorships and future joint activities and also to welcome new members. If you would like to join us please contact Gloria Perez Salazar (gloria.perez@itesm.mx), Isaac Dyner (idyner@unalmed.edu.co) or Martin Schaffernicht (martin@utalca.cl).