Abstract for: Understanding the impact of whiteboard on A&E department operations using hybrid simulation

This paper uses hybrid simulation to evaluate the impact of a whiteboard on the workflow of an A&E department. Hybrid simulation in this context is defined as the integrated use of discrete event simulation and system dynamics; we illustrate how discrete event simulation and system dynamics, by themselves, are incapable of meeting the objective. "Parsimonious" and "divide and conquer" principles for model-building have been followed. We also highlight how a slight modification to the "divide and conquer" approach can assist multi-method users. This paper has deployed novel approach of hybrid simulation in the context of healthcare. It attempts to link value proposition of information system (whiteboard/ electronic patient tracking system) to workflow of A&E department. Due to technical limitation with respect to automatic exchange of information between system dynamics and discrete event simulation, potential of hybrid simulation could not be deployed to maximum level.