Abstract for: Exercise in application of System Thinking in the water purification system

This is about the water purification system which named eco-machine system. Based on the Model built by STELLA software, the system is used to simulate the wastewater treatment process of Constructed Wetland. This system can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen and absorb nitrogen and phosphorus. Through analyzing the elements influencing dissolved oxygen, we designed the experiment which is divided into 4 parts of circulation: Aquarium which contains ornamental fish; physical treatment which contains oxygen increasing pump; emerged plant absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus; submerged plant increasing oxygen. The power of pump indicates the speed of circulation of water. The amount of oxygen successfully increases with the help of our water purification system in the lab. We assume that the dissolved oxygen is the dominant indicator of the effluvium, so we consider the increase of the dissolved oxygen as the decrease of the effluvium. Meanwhile, all the cost we need is the electrical energy for operating water pump, some aquatic creatures and water plants. In another words, our eco-machine system is an efficient way to improve the water quality.