Abstract for: Complementing System Dynamics with Object-Role Modeling

In this paper we use Object-Role Modeling (ORM) to complement System Dynamics (SD). The art of SD modeling lies in discovering and representing feedback processes and other elements that determine the dynamics of the system. However, SD shows a lack of instruments for discovering and expressing precise, language-based concepts in domains. At the same time, the field of conceptual modeling has long since focused on deriving models from natural expressions. We therefore turn to ORM as a prime example to integrate a strong natural language based conceptual modeling approach into the creation of SD models. ORM is a formal fact-oriented approach for modeling information at a conceptual level. In this study we investigate the basic building blocks of these methods using examples. Investigating the foundation of the two methods helps us to better understand their underlying concepts and their differences in update behavior due to state and decision changes. We use SD to capture the dynamic, and ORM to capture the static aspect of a system.