Abstract for: Security Special Interest Group Poster Presentation

Security is a broad field that affects to several systems. However, Security presents some common features in all these systems: It is a system that evolves over time, including technical and social variables. These characteristics make System Dynamics a very powerful methodology for its analysis and research. The incipient Special Interest Group on Security is still immature, but has already provided its first promising results, through the edition of several collaborative papers and project proposals. Some researchers from this group will also develop a projecta about crisis in European energy sector during 2009 an 2010.

Abstract for: Security Roundtable - The Challenges of Modeling Security Problems and Security SIG Annual Meeting

Modeling strategic and tactical problems in the information and infrastructure security domains presents special problems for the system dynamicist. Concerns about confidentiality, problem uncertainty, and inter-organizational conflicts all contribute to the modeling challenge. Once models are crafted, their distribution is often restricted and the dissemination of insights is limited to the particular sponsor. The Security SIG convenes a roundtable of modelers who will answer questions and discuss their experience in past and current projects concerning: • Establishing the problem boundary and choice of modeling paradigm; • Using SD to identify critical scenarios for expert examination; • Eliciting and capturing expert insight from confidential data; • Modeling problems that span the multiple organizations responsible for security; • Creating and disseminating open models; • Publishing opportunities in security research. Invited panelists include: • Edo Cavaleri D’Oro, MIT • Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Argonne National Laboratory • Tom Corbet, Sandia National Laboratory • Finn Olav Sveen, University at Agder • Jose Manuel Torres, TECNUN, University of Navarra