Abstract for: SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

SYDIC started a new path since the Nijmegen ISDC, also thanks to innovative tools now available to members. A new website, newsletter, forum, all have contributed to spread knowledge over the net about SD, achieving the goal of raising new members. Practitioners, professionals and academics can now find a way to discuss about common interests and research. Moreover, being visible on the web with a sort of "georeferenced" system, has provided the capability to attract newbies close to our research or working areas. An SD-interested person can infact access the website and "browse" the territory looking for information on places where the SD-approach is used. The website has been also used as a tool for e-democracy. Infact, the last SYDIC policy council elections have been carried out by using a forum functionality (survey) which made it possible to vote. So, the SYDIC session at the ISDC09 bonus-day will have the goal to let italian members spend some time together to learn how to better use the new functionalities of the website, and share knowledge and experiences so to build a wider community. Also, it will be an occasion to discuss about the possibility to constitute the SYDIC into a law-recognised institution.