Abstract for: K-12 (3): Models for Use in Advanced Algebra:

Advanced Algebra is a course ripe with topics for modeling experiments. Those functions that tend to work well using the STELLA software are linear, exponential, quadratic, and sinusoidal. Starting with just linear and exponential functions, which are usually covered in the first semester of an advanced algebra class, an interesting application, the study of drug dynamics, is easily within the reach of all students, by mid-year. The lessons start with just exponential functions but become more interesting when both linear and exponential model segments are combined to model different drug dynamics. I make it clear to the students from the beginning that we will study therapeutic drugs, such as antibiotics or aspirin, so they (and their parents) do not misinterpret the lessons. The set of models that will be presented have been used in a high school math class, but could easily apply to a health or biology class. Participants should bring a laptop computer, if possible, so they can build the models the students build, during the workshop. A CD with a workshop version of the STELLA software will be provided, as will the first lesson handout used with students. This workshop will be one hour long.