The Chapter was founded en 2002. Its first line of activities was to start a Latinamerican conference, from 2003 on - held in Monterrey (Mexico), Talca (Chile), Cartagena (Colombia) and Cancun (Mexico). Since 2004, the chapter has a quarterly on-line newsletter called sisTEMAS ( In 2005, appeared the “Revista de Dinámica de Sistemas” which publishes 2 numbers per year ( and currently he 4th issue is on-line. The chapter has a growing number of members from Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Chile and particularly Spain, 23 of whom are formally members of the System Dynamics Society. Currently, the Chapter is represented in the Policy Council by Gloria Pérez from “Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey” (Mexico) and presided by Martin Schaffernicht from the “Universidad de Talca” (Chile). Priorities are to strengthen the internal structure of the chapter so as to foster collaboration despite the geographical distance between members; since the Cancun conference, collaborative work on an on-line book is under progress. Also, we will strive for the “Revista” to be incorporated into the LATINDEX database. The official web-site is