The Industry Evolution Management Flight Simulator (MFS) was developed at the MIT Sloan School of Management for use in the MBA Strategic Management curriculum. As described in the proceedings of the 2006 System Dynamics Conference, this MFS includes a generic firm and industry structure that is then adapted to various industries that each emphasize different strategic environments. Earlier applications include the Salt industry and the Video Game console industry. Here, we summarize this work and present two new applications, both tested in a spring 2007 MBA elective course. The first is a MFS of the premium golf club industry. This simulator allows students to experience typical boom and bust dynamics following the introduction of a new consumer durable and experiment with strategies related to price, R&D and marketing. The second new application is a MFS of the Solar Panel industry. In addition to exposing students to the potential of this emerging and important industry, this MFS gives students the opportunity to experience learning curve dynamics for a new technology and understand the importance of knowledge spillovers towards their choice of strategy.