The Australasian Chapter has about 56 members from across the region. This is up from approximately 45 members in 2006. In terms of geographical spread, we have 35 members in Australia, 9 in New Zealand, 3 in Pakistan, 2 in Singapore, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Malaysia, and 1 in India. In March, the chapter held a one-day workshop in Sydney that attracted 13 attendees from all over Australia. There was a good mix of academics and practitioners in attendance and it was terrific to hear about the interesting work being done by chapter members on a wide range of topics. The chapter has also had several international visitors so far in 2007. Professor Yaman Barlas, from Bogaziši University, visited in late January and gave seminars at UNSWĺs Accelerated Learning Lab and Centre for Health Informatics. Professor Erik Larsen visited UNSW at the end of February. Also, Professor Andy Ford visited the University of Queensland in February. The Chapter is currently working on an interactive content management web site. Updates about chapter activities, expertise of chapter members, a discussion forum, seminars, conference announcements, etc. will be posted on the web site soon.