The UK Chapter was one of the first regional Chapters to be formed. We have regular meetings in the UK and annually at the international conference venue. This year we held our 9th Annual Gathering at Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The event consists of a Thursday afternoon of talks, presentation of UK Chapter Student prize and a business meeting. A convivial dinner follows in the evening with further sessions on the Friday morning. We expect an attendance in the range 50-60 and a recent survey of the entire membership showed it to be a very worthwhile session at a pleasant venue. In Spring 2006 we inaugurated an evening networking event in London and over 40 people attended. The second was held in December 2006. More of these events are planned for 2007 and beyond. Finally, we have recently updated and re-located our website. Point your browser to www. If you are based in the UK and not already on our membership list (membership is free) then please do join us and see what we have to offer. If anyone would like to see a specific type of event taking place then please make your idea known. We look forward to hearing from you.