This paper describes the development of a generalized agent-based simulation tool for modeling, analysis and policy de-sign for complex organizational behaviors and interactions of NAVY Shipboard Manpower & Personnel (M&P) processes. Behavior of such a complex system is typically associated with a hierarchical structure in which the lowest level agents are characterized by continuous and discrete event-variable dynamics and the highest level agents by a heuristic based decision-making mechanisms. The interaction of these different levels, with their different types of information, leads to the hybrid representation of system behavioral dynamics by combined discrete/continuous modeling and simulation methodology (e.g. system dynamics approach) on one hand and its dynamic simulation by Agent-Based techniques on the other hand. The sys-tem dynamics approach is used to develop a model that describes the dynamics of a sailorís behavior while he or she is enlisted with US Navy. Agent-based techniques are used to handle heterogeneity in behaviors and domain descriptions asso-ciated with Shipboard Manpower & Personnel Behaviors. Complex relationships between individual sailorís stress, motiva-tion and performance emerge from model structure and interactions which allows us to perform analysis on two levels: an aggregate level and one lower level on which individual sailors can be dynamically modeled.