This study illustrates how minor social norms, which have even negative meaning in organizations, might be able to be dominant by the action-driven sensemaking process. Based on the Weick(1995)’s argument of the action-driven sensemaking process, a system dynamics model is constructed. To examine the properties of the sensemaking process, the system dynamics model built is applied to the case of a Korean maverick named “Master Kim” on cyber pornography. The analytical application shows that the strange epiphany involved in the case of Master Kim can be explained by the dynamic relationship between dominant social norms and deviate social norms. It means that norms, beliefs, and traditions can be collapsed by other cognitive institutions through as social interactions, such as the action-driven sensemaking process, particularly exchanging feedback comments on the hot issues on internet. Moreover, we have to notice that the evolution of cognitive institution could not be emerged unless the formal institution which facilitates the sensemaking process, such as the service of news comments on internet were established. Therefore, this study can be furthered in investigating not only practical implications to strategically make desired breakthroughs in our organizations, but also theoretical insights in the perspective of new institutionalism.