The members of the Security SIG come from the information security field, criminology, air traffic security, organizational accidents and safety. The inhomogeneous nature of the SIG has made it difficult to establish a stable forum. Only the subgroup of information security (the Security Dynamics Network) has a record of group-based activities. The strength of the SIG comes from its social network. It has allowed the development of several cooperative projects, the organization of workshops and the co-direction of PhDs. Thus, the objective for the close future should be the consolidation of all these activities and their formalization. To improve the status of the SIG, the focus of the Roundtable shall be on activity. The goals of this Roundtable are to identify and classify by scope and objectives the activities of its individual members, and attempt to sketch a joint strategy (e.g. policy, guidelines) that will allow the SIG to derive and achieve common objectives, followed by examples of typical projects to expect in the future. Participants will be asked to contribute to the Roundtable with facts about their relevant professional activities, regarding the first goal, and with ideas about joint activities at the strategy or project aggregation level, regarding the second goal.