The Economics Chapter of the System Dynamics Society will host a roundtable discussion on "Teaching Economics with SD." Everyone is invited to attend. The Roundtable will highlight current initiatives that involve substantial application of SD modeling and/or conceptual thinking in economics courses. Those of us in the Chapter are aware of some of those initiatives, but we want to know more. We are particularly interested in (a) the way SD methodology is being implemented as a teaching tool in economics, and (b) assessment efforts to gauge the effectiveness of SD as a tool for teaching economics. There will be brief “highlight” presentations by instructors from both higher education and K-12 who are using SD to teach microeconomics or macroeconomics, followed by questions and discussion. We hereby invite anyone interested in making a presentation to submit a proposal (less than 200 words) via email to David Wheat ( for consideration by the selection committee. For planning purposes, it would be helpful to know how many participants to expect. Please email David Wheat ( if you are considering attendance.