This paper describes the current activities and plans of the SDS Education SIG. We continues to pursue our twin interests in publicising and enhancing both the contribution of SD to Education Management and the evolution of the contribution of SD to the curriculum - in both cases the interest spans the whole span of education from K-12 to Higher Education. Plans and activities include: 1. Organising workshops and other events on the utilisation of systems based approaches to Education management. 2. Encouraging education, systems and other graduate students to consider using system dynamics approaches for education policy dissertations. 3. Encouraging graduate students to consider examining enhanced techniques for improving the contribution of SD to the curriculum in their dissertations. 4. Making presentations & publishing articles to introduce members of other education associations to system dynamics approaches to their work. 5. Conducting a survey of all those interested in SD & education so as to form an active network with a database of current and planned system dynamics topics / projects and a taxonomy of publications. 6. Improving our collaboration with other groups conducting K-12 based activities. Your ideas and contributions to any of the above are most welcome!