Despite its success and growing practitioner base, System Dynamics (SD) still lacks a strong and rich enough support toolbox, i.e. a set of formal mathematical tools that can support the modeler/practitioner in various stages including model identification, calibration, behavior analysis, policy design and sensitivity analysis. The study presented in this paper is an attempt towards developing such a support tool that can be used for pattern-based parameter search, which may be utilized in model identification, validation and policy analysis stages. The tool mainly incorporates a 2D pattern recognition algorithm and an optimization heuristic in order to search values for selected model parameters that yield a model behavior similar to the desired one in terms of pattern characteristics. The proposed tool is implemented, and a series of test experiments are conducted on three sample models in order to reveal the performance of it. Based on these experiments, the primary assessment about the proposed method is that its performance is quite satisfactory and it stands as a promising automated parameter search tool, which can be utilized even in the cases where data series representing the desired model behavior is missing.