Vennix (1996), Andersen et al (1997), Richardson and Andersen (1995), and Andersen and Richardson (1997) have called for a greater sharing of knowledge and experience in group model building (GMB) projects to disseminate innovative practices and to increase the effectiveness of products being delivered to our clients. This poster responds to that call by describing two scripts based on system dynamics group model-building practices that have been used in strategy workshops using Group Explorer. Eden and Ackermann (1998) have developed a workshop-based approach for the rapid development of strategic options working directly with client teams. In its most recent manifestation, this approach uses the Group Explorer software to facilitate rapid mapping, modeling, and analysis of issues, goals, and distinctive competencies into well-integrated business plans, livelihood schemes, and statements of strategic intent (Ackermann and Eden, 2005) Recently, Howick et al (2006) demonstrated how scenarios maps developed in this tradition of strategic analysis and modeling could be usefully integrated with system dynamics models to improve overall impact and value being delivered to client groups. Andersen et al (2006) have presented a curriculum for co-teaching Eden and Ackermannís (1998) approach to strategy linked to Brysonís (2004) approach to leadership and strategy development as well as key elements of system dynamics and systems thinking.