Last year was very fruitful for SDRus. We increased our membership and improved SD Rus website. In April 2007 the second international business conference “Simulation modeling in strategic and operational business management” was organized by SDRus Vice-president Alexey Gorbunov. Many of SDRus members participated. In Apatity (Kola Peninsula) national scientific conference “Theory and practice of system dynamics” was held. All conference materials are available on our website. SDRus was advertised during both events and it increased our profile as well as attracted new members. Now the SDRus website ( is featuring the forum for discussions which helps members exchange ideas, answers their questions and inspires new projects. XJtek continues to support SDRus and helps expand the presence of system dynamics in Russian and International markets. Dennis Meadows visited Moscow in February of 2007 and gave a lecture at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. The lecture “It has to be completely stopped” was dedicating to the discussion of climate change and excessive reliance on natural resources. System dynamics continues to actively develop in a number of centers in Russia. Interest in academic circles is growing along with the numerous projects in the industry.