This article presents the results of ongoing research on resilience in production systems. It refers to the term resilience as a way of dealing with uncertainty and disturbances. The proposed resilience analysis method, based on dynamic models, supports analysis of the production system in order to determine which structures and processes should be improved or reduced, and what resources preserved, in order to manage resilience. The application of the method is presented using results of the research project in Bombardier Transportation manufacturing plant in Poland. For the purpose of the analysis highly detailed discrete-event model and System Dynamics model were built. Both area of interest of both models complemented one another. In this paper the main focus is given to the System Dynamics model. In the course of the research project the System Dynamics approach proofed to be very useful for examining the impacts of various disturbances and possible solution policies. As a tool for the resilience analysis results dissemination, the dynamic model based simulator, was prepared.