The prime objective of the Energy SIG is to further the development of a holistic view on energy policy and energy systems by use of systems thinking and use of system dynamics tools. Areas of interest for this new SIG are the development and application of system dynamics in: Energy systems technology development and energy market modeling Technology assessment Energy impact on sustainable development Energy economics Energy-environmental policy design and assessment with direct application to systems of direct relevance to the energy sector. The Energy SIG develops and stimulates activities aimed at: Information exchange; Stimulate further research; Organize special sessions during SDS-Conferences or during other events supporting the Energy SIG objectives; Promote cooperation and joint sessions with other energy-related organizations during SDS-Conferences or during other events; Stimulate cooperation and exchange with other Special Interest Groups of the SDS; Contribute with study, research, and activities, to the discussion of sustainable development questions, including the energy role and environmental impacts. The poster will show the objectives and activities undertaken by the Energy SIG. More information on this Energy SIG may be obtained via or from the website