The environment special interest group provides a forum for members with interests in many aspects of the environment. The group includes system dynamicists with interests in a wide variety of sub-areas from ecological studies of specific ecosystems, to worldwide concerns about human influences on planet Earth. Domains of interest include: ecological studies of natural systems, management of renewable natural resource systems, water resource systems, management of mineral resources, interactions between humans and the natural environment, specific impacts pollutants and products (such as GM crops) on our environment, larger impacts on the global ecosystem (biogeochemical cycles, global warming effects etc) and their mitigation, policy studies, and efforts aimed at ensuring human "progress" including "sustainability", renewable energy etc. and I I The poster will stimulate conversation among system dynamic society members regarding the wide variety of subject areas that are included under the umbrella "environment" and how these different areas complement one another and other activities of society members. The poster will also clarify and help define the role that the environment special interest group could have with regard to overall society activities, such as supporting non-SIG members who may require ideas and suggestions about environmental subjects. Contact: Richard Dudley, Chair: