Humans are builders -- we make structures to span rivers, to craft canals, to establish cities. Throughout history, civilizations have created iconic monuments of such immense scale, requiring tremendous resources, that they might have been thought impossible. From the Taj Mahal to the Suez Canal, from Solomon's Temple to the Channel Tunnel, these feats of macroengineering are a testament to the creativity and foresight of architects, engineers, governmental leaders, lawyers, bankers, and diplomats. The macroengineering projects in this presentation can be analyzed through the methodology of system dynamics. In this PowerPoint Poster, Frank P. Davidson and Kathleen Lusk Brooke will present an overview of their book, "Building the World: An Encyclopedia of the Great Engineering Projects in History" regarded by Dr. Jay W. Forrester as "amazing and impressive" and by Dr. David H. Marks, Director of MIT's Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, as "a tribute to the role of large-scale infrastructure in the evolution of the world's societies." This Poster Presentation will announce a "Building the World Prize" for the best system dynamics essay on plausible approaches to help improve the world's future. For more information, please visit: