The 2nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
1984 Oslo, Norway

The following papers were presented at the conference. The original printed proceedings were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Anderson, David F. with David P. McCaffrey, Paul McCold and Doa Hoon Kim   Regression and Case Studies of Public Programs: Discrepant Findings and a Suggested Bridge
Cámara, António S. with José G. A. de Meneses, João P. A. Fernandes, Ana P. N. Amoro and M. Garca Viegas   Water Resources Management of Algarve-Interfacing System Dynamics and Multiobjective Programming
Clark, Rolf   System Dynamics and the User:A View from the Trenches
Daniels, David with Jane K. Boorstein   Aid to Families with Dependent Children: A System Dynamics Model
DiStefano, Julia M.   Focus on FeedbackApplication of System Dynamics to Public Speaking
Forrester, Jay W.   The System Dynamics National Model--Objectives, Philosophy, and Status
Gervasio, Vincenzo   A System Dynamics Approach to Corporate Modelling
Goluke, Ulrich    Towards a General Theory of Adaptive Systems
Gottschalk, Peter   System Dynamics Modelling in a Cable Manufacturing Corporation
Graham, Alan K.   Introduction to the System Dynamics National Model Structure
Gustafsson, Leif with Miroslaw Wiechowski   Experiences in Teaching System Dynamics
Homer, Jack B.   Worker Burnout: A Dynamic Model with Implications for Prevention and Control
Jensen, Klaus Skovbo with Jesper Skavin, Erik Mosekilde, Christian Binder and Stig Pramming   Simulating the Absorption of Insulin from a Subcutaneous Depot
Meadows, Donella H. with Dennis L. Meadows   Improving System Dynamics Models Trough Use of Management Games (paper N/A)
Mohapatra, Pratap with Kailas C. Sahu and Madhab C. Bora   A System Dynamic Study of Commodity Price Stabilization by Buffer Stock and its Effect on Industry Performance: A Case of Indian Tea
Mosekilde, Erik with Steen Rasmussen   An Alternative, Simple Economic Long-Wave Model
Morecroft , John D. W.   The Feedback Viewpoint in Business Strategy for the 1980’s
Moxnes, Erling   The Art of Causal Loop Diagramming
Moxnes, Erling   Separating Static and Dynamic Effects in an Oil Price Model
Paul, H. with Karen S. Eichman   Capacity Adjustments in a Textile Division:Management Response to a System Dynamics Study
Pugh, Alexander L.   A New Generation of DYNAMOs
Raghavendran, P. with Qifan Wang   Energy Development and Economic Growth in India
Randers, Jørgen   Prediction of Pulp Prices – A Review Two Years After
Rasmussen, Steen with Erik Mosekilde and John D. Sterman   Bifurcations and Chaotic Behaviour in a Simple Model of the Economic Long Wave
Richardson, George P.   Loop Polarity, Loop Dominance, and the Concept of Dominant Polarity
Sedehi, Habib   A Dynamic Model for the Planning of Human Resources
Senge, Peter M.   A Long-Wave Theory of Real Interest Rate Behavior
Senge, Peter M.   Systems Thinking and the New Management Style
Serra, R. with H. Sedehi and S. Vassalo   Theoretical Approach to Long Term Company Behavior
Singh, N. with D. Prasad   A System Dynamics Approach to the Analysis of Indian Cement Industry
Sterman, John D.   An Integrated Theory of the Economic Long Wave
Wang, Qifan   Using the Liapunov Principles in the Analysis of System Dynamics Models
Wang, Qifan with Brian McKeller, Randy Schweickart and John Sterman   A Simple Model of Energy Dynamics
Wolstenholme, E.F.with P. Mandal   Evaluating Alternative Scenarios in Agricultural Development in India
Xu, Ching-rui   Applications of System Dynamics in R&D Project Planning and Policy Analysis

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