The 1976 International Conference on System Dynamics
Geilo - Norway

The following papers were presented at the conference. The original printed proceedings, edited by Jorgen Randers and Leif K. Ervik were printed in hardcopy and distributed after the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Andersen, David F.   How Differences in Analytic Paradigms Can Lead to Differences in Policy Conclusions-- Two Case Studies
Bell, James A. with James F. Bell   Views of Knowledge and System Dynamics: A Historical Perspective and Commentary
Coyle, R.G.   A Method for Initial Formulation of System Dynamics Models
Dangerfield, B. C.   A System Dynamics Model of the U.K. Consumer Durables Manufacturing Industry: Some Preliminary Results
Graham, Alan K.   Parameter Formulation and Estimation in System Dynamics Model
Hamilton, Margaret S.   Estimating Lengths and Orders of Delays in System Dynamics Models
Krallmann, Hermann   The Integration of Alternative Modelling with Dynamo
Lied, Finn   Social Difficulties Versus Social Problems
Low, Gilbert W.   The Principle of Conservation and the Multiplier-Accelerator Theory of Business Cycles
Mass, Nathaniel J.   Stock and Flow Variables and the Dynamics of Supply and Demand
Mass, Nathaniel J. with Peter M. Senge   Alternative Tests for the Selection of Model Variables
Meadows, Donella H.   The Unavoidable A Priori
Nilsson,Jan-Evert   A Framework for Understanding Social Phenomena
Phillips, W. G. B.   Monte Carlo Tests of Conclusion Robustness
Rahn, R. Joel   Delays and Aggregation in System Dynamics Model
Randers, Jørgen   System Dynamics: A Tool for Broad Policy Analysis
Randers, Jørgen   A System Dynamics Study of the Transition from Ample to Scarce Wood Resources
Randers, Jorgen   A Framework for Discussion of Model Conceptualization
Rechenmann, F.   Top-Down Systems Analysis and Modeling
Robinson, Jennifer M.   Managerial Sketches of the Steps of Modeling
Runge, Dale   Labor-Market Dynamics
Runge, Dale   The Reference Mode as a Guide to Transparent Causal Structure
Sharp, J.A.   Sensitivity Analysis Methods for System Dynamics Models
Stanley-Miller, John   Guidelines for Model Refinement
Stenberg, Lennart   A Modeling Procedure for the Public Policy Scene. Experiences from a System Dynamics Study of the Scandinavian Forestry and Forest Industry
Tank-Nielsen, Carsten   Sensitivity Analysis in System Dynamics
Thissen, Wil   Guidelines and Tools for Understanding Dynamic Models
Weil , Henry Birdseye   Achieving Implement Results from System Dynamics Projects:  The Evolution of an Approach
Wenstop, Fred   How Can One Explicitly Represent the Fuzzy Nature of Social Causal Relations in Formal Models? Fuzzy Set Simulation Models

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